Suzzane Kitne Rupye Maang Rahi Hai


Minding your own work


4 Dangerous Weapons In The World

4 dangerous weapons in the world bigger than nuclear bomb:

1. Wife’s Smile
2. Wife’s Tear
3. Wife’s Looks

And the most dangerous,

4. Wife’s Missed Call.!

Patni Aur Kaam-Wali Bai Ke Beech Baatein

Agar aap Patni aur Kaamwali bai ke beeche vartalaap par Gaur karein,
To kaafi saare ‘One-Liners’ aise hote hain Maano Ek Premika apne Premi se baat kar rahi ho.

Suno… Kal time se aa jaana, haa

Kal 2 baar aa jaana na…
Dekho main intezaar karungi.. Dhokha mat de dena end time pe

Main kab se tumhara intezaar kar rahi thi…
Aaj bahut der kar di, Kal se thoda jaldi aana na..

Aur sabse classic..

Dekho jab bhi chhodna ho to pehle se bata dena,
Ek dum se mat chhodna, taaki main dusra intezam kar sakun!!

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simple words like “thank you’s
sorry’s, welcome’s, Good bye’s
No prob’s..”
make Big Difference!

“But when
‘Shut up! Get Lost,
Nonsense, idiot,
or even go to hell”
Will not have any impact !

Crazy people on my WhatsApp list..!!

Crazy people on my WhatsApp list..!!

1. Someone on his status “Sleeping” since 3 Days! He’s Probably dead.
2. Someone is “Driving” since 5 days! I guess he reached Dubai!!!
3. Someone’s status is “Happy” since 1 Month. Living in Paradise??
4. Someone is always ‘Available’. How free Are you??
5. From first day their status is, ‘Hey there! I’m using WhatsApp’ I Know! That’s why you’re on my list!
6. Someone writes “urgent calls only”. Don’t get it… Are you in the police or ambulance service?
7. Someone says, “Can’t talk. WhatsApp only”. Dude then throw away your phone.. You are not using the phone’s Primary function
8. Someone is ‘at da movies’ for the past 6 weeks. Either he owns da theater or sells popcorn there..

Modi Ji Aa Gaye Hai….

Funny but true 10 one liners from INDIA

1. India is a country where on the streets, everyone seems to be in a hurry, but no one is ever on time..

2. Here people wear helmets to save their pockets, not life..

3. Being one in a million in India means that there are 1241 Indians just like you..

4. In Bangalore if you throw a stone, you hit a dog, or a software engineer and in Delhi it will b a dog or a CA..

5. If someone asks for a dirty cloth to clean something, you are in India..

6. In India, it’s okay to piss in public, but not kiss..

7. In India two things never leave you, your caste and your high school marks..

8.When it comes to taking a stand on world issues, India is like a girl giving mixed signals..

9. A country whose onions and tomatoes have more value than dollars..

10 .In India, there are two types of roads: Under Construction and Under Repair..

But Don’t worry friends … Modiji aa gaye hai… Acche din ane wale hai….

Bus Ke Dawaze Par

Pappu roz bus ke darwaje par khada hoke traval karta tha..

Ek din

Bus conductor : tu roz darvaze mein kadha rehta hein,
Tera baap kahin pe choukidar hein kya?

Pappu replies :
tu roz paise mangta hai, to tera baap pehle bhikari tha kya…! :-D :-P

Girlfriend Ka Birthday….

Ek ladke ki girlfriend ka birthday tha :-)

Wo city se bahar tha isliye usne uske liye 24 gulab ke phool book kar diye <3 :-*

Usne apni gf ko phone per kaha….
maine tumhare liye utne hi rose ke flowers bheje hain jitne years ki tum aaj ho gayi ho.. :-)

Udhr phoolwale ne socha – in bhai sahab ne pehli bar meri shop se order kiya h 10 phool jyada dunga to agli bar bhi yahi aayenge. ….and usne 24 ki jagah 34 flowers bhijwa diye :-D

ladka BECHARA aaj tak nhi samajh paya ki akhir uska breakup kyun hua! :-P

Find Someone To Love Me….

So Many Time
I Thought I’d Never
Find Sum1 To Love Me
d Way I Needed 2 B
Loved Then
U Came In My Life
Showed Me
Wh8 True Love
Really Is :)

Happy Valentine’s Day